Manage Project

Performance objective
The candidate must plan, implement, monitor and complete andreview a small project. They will use templatesto document all actions and activities to meet
timelines, quality standards,budgetary limits and any other requirements set for the project.
Assessment description
As a group, the class is to decide on a class activity to beundertaken during the course of this training module, for example, a groupgo-karting event. You
will need to agreeon an appropriate, affordable budget.
In order to manage projects, you must access the projectscope and other relevant documentation, define stakeholders, seek clarificationon project issues,
parameters, reporting requirements and your ownresponsibility, and clarify the relationship of this project to other projectsand the organisation’s
objectives. Finally, you need to determine and access available resources to carryout the project.
Using available templates, develop a project plan thatincludes timelines, work breakdown structure, roles and responsibilities. A budget is to be developed
andapproved. Team members are to beconsulted and their views taken into account in the project plan. The plan is to be finalised and the necessaryapprovals
obtained to commence the project according to your plan.
You are to take action to ensure project team members areclear about their responsibilities and the project requirements, providing themwith support, to
ensure that the quality of the expected project outcomes aredocumented and timelines met.
You are to implement and monitor plans for managing theproject, its finances, quality and resources (human, physical and technical) toachieve project
You are to establish and maintain a record keeping system forthe project documentation and provide weekly project reports to yourassessor. You will need to
keep completefinancial records associated with the project and check their accuracy.
At the conclusion of the project, assign team members to newor former roles and complete documentation for sign off.
Finally, with your team members, review the project outcomesand processes against the scope and plan. Document lessons learnt from the project and provide a
report to your assessor, attaching all documentationproduced in this process as an appendix to your report.
· Training in these procedures will take place inclass time.
· The assessor will provide the candidate with acopy of a procedure and the candidate must demonstrate to the assessor thatthey can implement the procedure
to the required standard. In some cases, theassessor may need to demonstrate the procedure.
· Once the candidate can complete the procedureactivity to the required standard (as stated on the procedural document), theassessor will sign the
candidate’s procedure and record the outcome.
· The candidate must attend all required trainingsessions in order to be assessed.
Completion of the following activities is essential:
· project scope
· identification of stakeholders
· development of a project plan
· use of appropriate templates and tools
· formulation of a risk management plan
· development and approval of a project budget
· keep/provide record of all project documentation
· provide weekly reports to your assessor
· implement and monitor the project’s budget,resources and quality
· manage any risks or issues that arise, accordingto plans or as agreed with the project team or assessor
· review the final project outcomes and processesagainst the project scope and plan, documenting lessons learned
· compile all the above into a project report,attaching all documents produced.
Scope document
In scope
Out of scope (exclusions)
Project Sponsor:
Version: 1
Project Client:
Project Manager:
File Name: ProjScope.doc:
Page: 4 of x
Roles and responsibilities
It is important to understand who the major players are onthe project. List the major projectroles, responsibilities and the actual people involved. Add in
any additional roles as required
Project client/owner
Project sponsor/project director/project board
Project manager
Manager of the project manager
Project team members
Steering committee/ working party
Project Sponsor:
Version: 1
Project Client:
Project Manager:
File Name: R&R.doc:
Page: 5 of x
Project plan
The project plan is the basis formonitoring and controlling the project. All project information is consolidated to date, forming the basis formonitoring and
controlling once implementation of the project commences.
Project title:
Project purpose
FromProject Proposal – update if required
Background and strategic context
From Project Proposal – update ifrequired
Other related projects
From project proposal – update if required
Project objective
From project proposal – update if required
Scope including key deliverables
FromProject Proposal – update if required
In scope
Out of scope
FromProject Proposal – update if required. Attach a Project Organisation Chart and additional information onResponsibilities if required.
Project client/owner
FromProject Proposal
Project sponsor
Project manager
Manager of the project manager
Project team members
Key stakeholders
FromProject Proposal – update if required. Include a more detailed stakeholderanalysis in the Appendices if required.
Using the information yougenerated in the Work Breakdown Structure, update the Schedule. Include a Gantt chart or additional planninginformation in the
Milestone date
Resource and cost plan
Resource planning is where you determine what resources(people, equipment and materials) and what quantities of each should be used toperform activities.
Once the resourceshave been determined, estimate the project costs. Include a more detailed resource and costplan in the Appendices if required.
Resource date
Risk plan
This template is used to record identified risks associatedwith your project, analyse the impact and determine resultant action to betaken.
Risk response
(contingency strategies)
Project Sponsor:
Version: 1
Project Client:
Project Manager:
File Name: RiskPlan.doc:
Page: 8 of x
Project planning assessmenttask checklist
Project scope documents
Stakeholder identification
Clarification sought from Assessor (delegating authority) on project parameters
Limits of candidate’s responsibility and reporting requirements evident
Relationship to organisation’s objectives and to other projects identified
Access to resources obtained to undertake the project
Project plan developed, including timelines, work breakdown structure, roles and responsibilities, etc
Development and approval of project budget
Consultation with team members to incorporate their views in planning the project
Finalisation of project plan and approval to commence from Assessor
Ensure team members are clear about their responsibilities and the project requirements
Support provided to team members, especially for specific needs, to ensure the quality of expected project outcomes and that timelines are met
Establish and maintain record keeping systems for the project duration
Implement and monitor plans for managing project budget, resources and quality
Project updates completed and provided to Assessor
Management of risks to ensure project outcomes are met
Achievement of project deliverable
Complete financial record keeping for the project – check for accuracy
Assign staff to new roles or re-assign to previous roles
Complete project completion documents and obtain sign off from Assessor
Review project outcomes and processes against project scope and plan
All team members to be involved in the project review
Document lessons learned from the project and report to Assessor

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