Management information system Assignment

Management information system
Management information system

Management information system

Capstone Team Project Requirements

The capstone project for this class is a research paper on an Information System. Many different types of Information Systems are studied during the course such as Decision Support Systems, Transaction Support Systems, Data Base Systems, ERP, CRM etcÖ You need to pick a particular application that falls into one of these categories. The general idea is that you explore and research an Information System and determine its impact on a particular company or industry incorporating the chosen IS. Look for an IS that integrates business processes with technology for competitive advantage. Look locally for a company no Walmart, Amazon, UPS.

The research paper must strictly use MLA format. MLA Source:

The use of the library databases are strongly recommended to include at least one or two cited sources from peer reviewed journals.

Here are a few topics you may want to explore this semester:

  1. The impact of data privacy on patient care using EMRs at hospitals.
  2. Search Engines: The impact of data sharing and data privacy on online consumers in the U.S.
  3. The effect of Social Media on online sales within the retail industry.
  4. The impact of green computing on data center efficiency to promote customer relations within eCommerce in the US.

Pick an Information System then research a local company that uses it or pick a company and investigate an information system that they are using to automate operations or business processes, harness business intelligence, manage knowledge or provide a competitive advantage. Try to use a LOCAL COMPANY!! For example there are more than 3500 local manufacturing companies here on Long Island.

STEP 1: Submit a PROPOSAL in one page for me to approve. Your proposal will get you thinking about your research and reserve the company for you. Do some preliminary research on the company and the information system they use prior to submitting the proposal!

STEP 2 : Create an OUTLINE of your paper and identify additional sources. Continue your research and include concepts from every chapter of our textbook that relates to how your chosen company uses the information system you have identified. For example, are there ethical issues at hand? How has this company used IS to be more efficient and effective?

STEP 3: Final DELIVERABLES are a power point (approximately 10 slides) and paper (approximately 7-10 pages) documenting all sources and data. Both must be submitted together. Elaborate in your paper and highlight the most important features, findings and uses for your presentation.

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