Management Theory Leading Essay Paper

Management Theory Leading Essay Paper

The content of this exam will be based on Chapters 10-13. It is open book, open notes, use of the internet, anything you want… except you must cite all your sources.

Management Theory Leading Essay Paper

You are expected to choose TWO of the following three questions and respond in essay-format.

Management Theory Leading Essay Paper
Management Theory Leading Essay Paper

In addition to ensuring that the content of your essays is accurate, also please make sure that you spend an appropriate amount of time proofreading before submitting. Awkward, incomplete, or run-on sentences are distracting and will be penalized, as will typos and grammatical errors. In addition, make sure to think about the structure of your arguments and the flow of your essay before writing. I highly recommend that you start with an introduction, segue into the body in which you go argument by argument, using evidence along the way to support your arguments, then finish with a conclusion. And do your best to tie your arguments back to something from the textbook. Impress me with how much you’ve learned and how you can apply it to the questions below. Please aim for 1-2 DOUBLE-SPACED PAGES per question.

Management Theory Leading Essay Paper CHOOSE 2 to answer

Q1A) If you’re a fan of The Office, which of the five types of power does Michael Scott have over his employees? Please define each type and provide general examples from the show to support your arguments… OR… Q1B) Same question, but for Game of Throne’s Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen (aka, Khaleesi; aka, Mother of Dragons) regarding their followers… OR…

Q1C) Same question, but for The Simpson’s Marge Simpson regarding her family… OR… Q1D) Same question, but for a different show of your choosing (but you’ll need to give me a LOT of details in case I haven’t seen it!!!)

Q2) In detail, describe a moment in your life when expectancy theory explained why you were motivated. Define the theory and clearly explain how each of the relationships within the theory applied to this moment. Then pick a time in your life when you felt de-motivated and explain why/how the relationships within the theory broke down. ( I am female, so if you choose this question, maybe something neutral, i am also in my 20’s so anything you might feel is appropriate and believable.

Management Theory Leading Essay Paper

Q3) Imagine that you and another manager disagree over how a scarce or valuable resource should be divided up between the two of you. How would you respond to this conflict? Specifically, define each of the five conflict management strategies and explain what each approach would entail (i.e., what would each strategy look like within your specific example?). Be creative and provide me with details.

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