Market research concrete industry management

Market research concrete industry management
  Market research concrete industry                                 management

Market research concrete industry management

Please see below instructions on choosing a company for your Resume/Cover Letter/Interview/Report/Presentation assignments.
1) Choose one company
2) Research (Google) your company and:
a. Know History of company
b. Know the management team
c. Know the locations(s) of operation and industry(ies)
d. Know the products and services they produce
e. Identify at least 3 projects they are currently working on provide details
3) Pick one occupation listed and:
a. List the job duties
b. List the required skills
c. Identify current job opportunities as listed below

Company: Silvi Concrete, Clayton, Weldon Materials
Technical Sales Representative – This job is limited to the sales of ready-mixed concrete to potential construction contractors, government projects, and residential homeowners.

QA/QC Production Manager – This position is limited to managing operation in the ready mixed concrete plant and involves assuring the quality of the concrete product through its various stages.

Company: Invicto development, F-Fletcher Creamer, Lithko
Concrete Field Testing Technician – This job is limited to the quality assurance of concrete testing and quality assurance in the field and laboratory.
Concrete Construction Manager- This job is limited to the management of all phases of concrete construction – foundations, formwork, steel rebar, surveying, placement and finishing.

Company: Sika Corporation, Mapei, BASF, Euclid
Sales & Marketing: This job involves the sales of chemical admixtures to prospective concrete companies producing concrete or placing concrete.
Admixtures R&D: this job pertains to technicians working in a concrete lab and test chemical admixtures in concrete and record/measure results to use in analyzing product performance.

Company: Lafarge/Holcim, Titan America, Essex Cement
Technical Sales Manager – This job is limited to the sale of cement products and procurement of new customers and retaining current customers through continuous relationship building and customer service.

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