Marketing Communication on Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo

Project’s Product: Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo. Creative Strategy • Elements to consider (not exhaustive) include: o Key Benefit Claim. o Creative Idea [needs to thoroughly described and developed] usually uses one of the creative strategies noted in the text and lecture series (unique selling proposition (USB), emotional, brand image, resonance, generic and pre-emptive).
The roles of humour, fear, guilt, sex and humour can be considered within the selected creative strategy. o Make sure you take into consideration the components of Brand Awareness & Brand Image / Attitude. This requires a thorough understanding of persuasion and the Elaboration Likelihood Model tec. This knowledge / understanding needs to be incorporated into the execution of outdoor mock ups, TV storyboards, radio scripts etc. for traditional media. (refer to the attachment. It should be something like this.) o Consider a Celebrity Presenter / Endorser. • You need to include detailed explanation and mock ups (TV storyboards, radio scripts etc.) for all traditional media selected for the IMC Campaign in this section. Traditional media activities include: o Television o Radio o Newspapers o Magazines o Billboard DO NOT incorporate detailed explanation and mock ups of non-traditional activities in this section.

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