Marketing Plan Presentation Capstone Essay Paper

Marketing Plan Presentation Capstone Essay Paper

Will be provided.

Marketing Plan Presentation Capstone Essay Paper
Marketing Plan Presentation Capstone Essay Paper

Final Pitch Grading Criteria

What we’re going to grade you on.

  1. Concept / Idea Quality

Is this a good idea? Why? Is it novel or is anyone else doing it? Is it do-able? What’s new or different here?

What problem does it solve? How does it make money?

  1. Is There a Market?

PROVE there is a market. Who is the customer? What do you know about them? Where are they? What do they want? Why? Got research?

  1. Industry & Competitive Analysis

What’s the size/growth rate of the industry? Fragmented or consolidating? Who is the competition? What do they offer? How can you compete? Are you Unique, Differentiated, or Commoditized?

  1. Operations

What will you provide (as a service) or manufacture? Is it doable? How do you build it / make it work? Are the resources/logistics needed – understood? Can you produce enough to get the revenue needed?

  1. Finance

Got revenue? Can you sell enough to cover expenses and breakeven/be profitable = 36 months?

Does your projected revenue “tie” to i) amount of product you can produce; ii) spending for the marketing planned? Do the numbers make sense? Are expenses credible? Is the business sustainable?

  1. Marketing Plan Presentation Capstone Essay Paper Marketing

What’s the plan to get the customer? Acquisition Cost? C L T V? Breakeven point? Dollars are not infinite –

How do you allocate for the best / greatest reach and most customers? How many customers acquired? Retained? Does the plan make sense? Is the plan supported by documented sources, data, and market research?

  1. Management Team / Board

What do they bring to the party? Why do: i) you want them? ii) they want you? Will investors like them?

  1. Presentation Skills

Does the presentation establish credibility and answer questions? Professionalism/audience interaction? Organization / use of time? Effective graphics /style? Typos / Grammar / Usage / Writing Skills?

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