Marquis’ argument against abortion

Marquis' argument against abortion
Marquis’ argument against abortion

Marquis’ argument against abortion

With respect to the content of your paper, you can choose a topic in which you are interested, and which falls within the scope of our course outline. For example, you can write on these topics:

a. The morality of abortion / euthanasia from the perspective of virtue ethics

b. Critique of Marquis’ argument against abortion

c. In defense of utilitarianism

d. Which of the moral theories (utilitarianism, Kant’s moral theory, virtue ethics and moral pluralism) provides best guidance for government’s policy-making? Discuss.

e. Is Rawls’ theory of justice a plausible theory? If so, is your homeland a just society according to Rawls’ criteria? Discuss.

f. In defense of Thomson’s / Warren’s argument for abortion

g. Is moral relativism a reasonable theory? Discuss.

h. The legalization of voluntary active euthanasia / same sex marriage from the perspective of Rawls’ theory of justice

i. Discuss the morality of the occupy central movement in Hong Kong from the perspective of virtue ethics / moral pluralism.

j. Does a wide wealth gap indicate that the distribution of resources in the society is unjust? Discuss.

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