Marriage Counseling Research Paper

Marriage Counseling Research Paper-Title, Abstract, Reference Page Research Paper Ñ Title Page, Abstract, and Reference Page Instructions

Marriage Counseling Research Paper
Marriage Counseling Research Paper

In preparation for the final submission of the Research Paper, you will submit the Research Paper ñ Title Page, Abstract, and Reference Page assignment. This assignment requires you to focus on APA format, therefore it is essential that you adhere to the standards of the current APA manual when formatting your work. A total of 8 outside sources are needed in addition to your textbook and the Bible. Outside sources may be peer-reviewed journal articles or books written on the topic.

Marriage Counseling Research Paper Assignment Requirement

Review the following requirements before submitting this assignment:

Must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document, adhering to current APA format.

The title page must include a running head, page number, title, your name, and school affiliation.

The abstract must be formatted correctly (non-bold heading ìabstractî, no paragraph indent, etc.) and contain between 150ñ250 words.

Your reference page must be formatted correctly (alphabetical order, double spaced, etc.) and include a minimum of 8 outside sources in addition to your course textbook. Please note: because the Bible is considered a classical work, APA format does not require that it be listed on the reference page. However, when writing your paper, you must be sure to utilize in-text citations that include the specific version of the Bible that is being referenced.

This is the first part of the assignment, so this part needs to go along with this one:


As Christians who are born again, we should learn to lead a life having the knowledge that God, through his son Jesus Christ, married us. By being married to God it means that he did that by the means of the body Christ and also in another way personally as his sons and daughters. The fact of God loving us is the He who let men who were not only evil but also non-believers to torture and kill His only son so as to win our very own hearts. Doesnít this show great love like no other? (Hugenberger, 2004)

The reason for the choice of this particular topic is that I believe that Godly relationships ought to be all tailored in a particular manner. By this, it means that relationships based on God should be different from those made by people who are completely non-Christians. As born again believers we ought to be cognizant of the fact that we were created by God so as to have an intimate relationship with him. (Kˆstenberger & Kˆstenberger, 2014)Another reason for the choice of the topic is that, as born again believers when we should try as much as possible to make our relationships to match Godís since we end up succeeding in all our dealings and never go wrong just like Godís relationship which is ever on the right track. (Hugenberger, 2004)

In the field of Christian Counselling for marriage and families, I believe that this topic is very enriching. The reason behind this fact is that through this topic we tend to know the actual strengths and weaknesses of our relationships and marriages. To get to understand the marriage and relationship well, through this topic, you get to evaluate how it is doing and how to make grow stronger. (Kˆstenberger & Kˆstenberger, 2014)

Additionally, another importance or rather relevance of the topic to our course is that many people tend to wrongly think that it is only other people who get to a point of divorce. In other words, your marriage is so special and it can never get to that point. The truth is that every marriage is prone to such an occurrence. (Tarwater, 2006) In other words, every marriage carries with itself a certain level of risk and is never a lifetime guarantee. The truth of the matter is that even those who grew up in stable homes and places where divorces are least pronounced they might end up facing it in the real world. (Heffernan, 2002).

The topic brings forth the fact that relationships should be tailored so as to look like Godís relationship with his children who are us. (Tarwater, 2006) A relationship is full of care, love, compassion, forgiveness, patience with one another together with sharing and many other important aspects of love which can be got from Godís relationship with us.

Marriage Counseling Research Paper Reference

Heffernan, C. (2002). Godís Design for Marriage. Focus on the Family.

Hugenberger, G. P. (2004). Marriage as a Covenant.

Tarwater, J. K. (2006). Marriage as Covenant: Considering God’s Design at Creation and the Contemporary Moral Consequences. University Press of America.

Kˆstenberger, A. J., & Kˆstenberger, M. E. (2014). God’s Design for Man

and Woman: A Biblical-theological Survey. Crossway.

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