Mass shootings Assignment Paper

Mass shootings
                      Mass shootings

Mass shootings

Assignment Objectives:

To begin drafting your final paper and to practice writing in APA style
To think critically and carefully about your argument and research objectives

To get feedback on your writing
Late Policy: The assignment is considered late if you submit after the deadline. For each day the assignment is late, 10 points will be deducted.

Instructions: This assignment should include a title page, introduction, method, and references in APA format. Please use this assignment sheet as a checklist for your paper.

Title/Title Page/First Page:

  • The title is informative, descriptive, and concise. The title stands alone in summarizing the study.
  • The title should tell the reader about your analysis and topic, including outlining your variables of interest.
  • The title follows APA format (i.e., is 12-15 words in length).
  • The title page is on a separate page and follows APA format, including a header, page number, title, author name, and institution name.
  • The first page of the paper includes a header that is different from the title page and repeats the title before the introduction.

Introductory Paragraphs:

  • The introductory paragraphs are engaging and informative and clearly illustrate the problem.
  • The introductory paragraphs define key terms and/or processes, in your own words.
  • The introductory paragraphs lead to a strong, informative objective statement that highlights the problem under investigation.

Literature Review Paragraphs:

  • The following paragraphs discuss relevant literature in an integrative way.
  • They utilize and successfully incorporate scholarly sources to support your arguments.
  • The sources are peer-reviewed and relevant to the paper.
  • The findings of the scholarly sources are adequately described.
  • The final paragraphs discuss the limitations of the literature and how the present study fills the gap.


  • The Method section outlines the details of the study:
  • The participants, including number and relevant demographics, are described.
  • The procedure is clear and thoughtful. Relevant details (e.g., what will the participants do, what will the study entail, how long the study will take place) are described.
  • The materials, including dependent variables, are clearly explained and cited.
  • The methods to be used are appropriate and the data to be collected are identified.
  • In consideration of IRB (be sure to cite which IRB considerations) describe the ethical manner in which you will use to collect data.


  • References are on a separate page and the label, “References,” is centered on the page.
  • There are at least 5 peer-reviewed sources in alphabetical order.
  • The sources follow APA format, including rules about capitalization, italicization, etc.

Writing/APA Guidelines:

  • The paper is well-organized, well-written (with minimal writing errors), edited, and clear.
  • The paper is double-spaced, includes 1-inch margins, and uses size-12, Times New Roman font.
  • The in-text paper citations are in APA format.
  • The paper includes headings throughout that are in APA format (e.g., Literature Review, Method).
  • The verb tenses for each section follow APA recommendations (i.e. future tense as ” the proposed study will….”).

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