Burwood Health is a small medical centre with five doctors (GPs). Dr Brown, the owner of the medical centre,will start his business in July this year. There will be five doctors and two receptionists in his medical centre. The consultation fees will be paid in three categories; bulk bill; patients pay in full amount or patients pays the gaps.
Dr Brown has requested your IT consulting team to set up a general ledger accounting package for Burwood Health. In this project, your team is asked to do the following tasks.

1. Write a proposal for Burwood Health accounting systems. In your proposal, you should include:
a. comparison of general ledger accounting packages,
b. the justifications of the selected package,
c. the cost of the selected general ledger accounting package,
d. technical requirements,
e. training strategy.

2. In your proposal, discuss the following features of the selected general ledger accounting package:
a. Ease of installation,
b. Flexibility in initial setup of the chart of accounts and during subsequent modifications,
c. Frequency of updates from subsystems (invoices, cash receipts, payrolls etc)
d. Report flexibility (how easy it is to design reports, etc)

3. Provide samples of statements of financial position, financial performance and a cash flow statement for which of these reports will be generated by your selected general ledger accounting package. List all these sample statements in the Appendix section of your proposal.
Marks will be allocated as below.
A. Proposal [8 marks]
B. Features Discussions [6 marks]
C. Financial Statements Samples listed in the appendixes [3 marks]
D. Use of academic and accounting discipline conventions and sources of evidence [3 marks]

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