Matching Human Resource Management Needs

Matching Human Resource Management Needs Part A: Assessing a Position (30 marks)
First Read: Assignment 2 Reading

Matching Human Resource Management Needs

Using THE POSITION OF REPRESENTATIVE IN COCA COLA, use the Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ), on pages 84–85 of the Assignment 2 Reading, to answer the following questions:
Define the purpose of the position (5 marks)

Matching Human Resource Management Needs Grading Rubric

Define the major activities or responsibilities of the position. (Remember to provide all the details addressing the the JAQ). (10 marks)
Define the knowledge and other skills required to do the position. (10 marks)
Define the working conditions related to the position. (5 marks)
Note: make sure you are familiar with and use the key concepts in this question especially: job analysis, job, and position.
Part B: Developing a Job Description (30 marks)
Using Figure 3.5 Sample Job Description and Figure 3.6 Job Specification from Chapter 3 of the textbook and Figure 3.9 Sample Job Description and Figure 3.10 Job Specification from the Assignment 2 Reading as a guide, develop a job description for your own position, or one with which you are familiar. Note the job specifications, or qualifications as they are commonly called, make up part of the job description.
Using the job analysis data gathered in Part A, include a job summary and listing of skills and abilities required, as well as the specifications or technical requirements needed to do the work.
Assess the competencies or qualities that are required. This may include any soft skills that are required to do the job.
Part C: Labor Market Assessment (40 marks)

Matching Human Resource Management Needs Writing Guidelines

Write a two-page report (approximately 500 words) conducting a labor market assessment for the position you described in Part B. Make sure you have read and can apply the steps addressed in Chapter 4 (pp. 79-93) of your textbook. This includes:
Assessing the demand for labor for your position (including a review of economic, legal, and social factors that influences growth or decline for the services or products in your organization, as well as internal factors that may alter the workforce identified on page 84 of your textbook) for your position.
Assessing the supply for labor (including general economic conditions, labor market conditions, and occupational market conditions that may alter the workforce) for your position.
Based on your assessment of supply and demand in #1 above, determine the overall situation (i.e., equilibrium, surplus, or shortage) and make recommendations on what your organization can do if it were going to replace you given the labor market conditions.
Completion Guidelines (these are factors that are required and will affect your overall grade).
Submit your assignment by using the “Assignment 2 submission tool”. Be sure to save your assignment as a Word document and name it: A2_HRMN2821_Last name. Please save as one .docx file.
Did you put your name and student number on the document?
Did you complete all the required elements and clearly label the parts?
Did you use information and terminology learned in this module?
Did you support your statements with specific examples?
Did you cite references, using correct APA referencing format (including your textbook and module material)?
Did you ensure that there are no spelling mistakes?
Is your report grammatically correct, clear, and well organized?

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