Maternity Research Paper Available



Be sure to address the following:
• Background/Historical perspective on your topic
• Current issues related to your topic
• Your professional experiences/opinions about your topic
• Make sure to use properly cited academic references to support this information

Content Position or thesis is very credible, logical, research sources are credible and sufficient to support arguments
Organization ; Clarity Concepts presented are clearly organized and easy to understand, early information leads to later information, coherently
Creativity ;Interest Presents new ideas and/or old ideas in interesting ways, writing style is formal but maintains interest, includes real-world
Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation,  APA Formatting
Grammar is appropriate, spelling, punctuation, and APA formatting is accurate

* Please include a proposal that broadly outlines your ideas for the topic “Maternity” including:
– chosen topic “Maternity”
– why you are interested in that topic
– two or three current or important issues related to that topic
– at least one article or reference related to your topic with a correctly formatted citation

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