Measuring climate change Assignment

Measuring climate change
       Measuring climate change

Measuring climate change

Write a 1-2 page (double spaced typed, 12-point Times New Roman font, and 1 margins) brief about the topic using the deliverables listed below and include a cover and reference pages. Figures, tables, images, and graphs do not count in the length
The project’s due date is posted in the Course Schedule. Late & emailed reports will NOT be accepted. The application project is worth 10% of your course grade. Always retain a copy of your project on your computer until after the semester.

Your project MUST include the following parts:

  • Define climate and give regional examples.
  • Compare the climates between 2 tree samples. How is climate determined from examining tree ring data?
  • Discuss how climate has changed (i.e. precipitation)
    during the time period that you measured. You must measure the ring thicknesses of 2 tree samples and then use that data to construct a line graph that depicts climate change during the life of each tree [graphing ring thickness (mm) over the lifetime of the trees (years)].
  • Acquire a Climograph of your hometown or a town of your choice.A Climograph displays a location’s annual temperature and precipitation averages(from January to December; temperature is displayed as a line graph; precipitation is displayed as a bar graph).
  • Describe the climate of your town using the Climograph. Compare the climate of your town to the climate change depicted in one of the tree samples that you measured.
  • Define climate change, how/why it happens, and give examples.
    i. Use global temperature data from 1880-2010 to analyze how the climate is changing:
    ii. Use paleoclimatology (the study of past climate) to investigate how the climate has changed during Earth’s geologic past:

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