Media ethics

Ethics Case Study
Throughout the course you are equipped with tools that will help you solve ethical dilemmas (ethical problems with no “single” right answer) in our field of specialization. The aim of the assignment is the application of the moral reasoning to ethical dilemmas. 
Initially the assignment was going to be administered in class, then we turned it into a small home-take assignment. 
Points: 5
Submission: 29 April 2022 (Initial date was an earlier date, but I extend it). Before the final exam, it will be graded. For this assignment I can meet up with you on a one- to -one basis on MS teams if you need insights 
• Prior to working on the case, please read pages 61 to 64 from our course textbook which talk about the ethical theories in moral reasoning.
• Then please read the application of SAD formula. From the course text book pages 65 to 72 will be helpful to you because it talks about the process, gives a case to us and solves the case. 
Our small case is below:
You are writing your first story for the university newspaper. A local business person promised to donate money to your College so that you can buy new equipment for your TV studios of your College. You are putting together a background story on this business person and you find out that when he was 18 years old, he was convicted of armed robbery. He avoided prison by doing voluntary work during the closing months of World War II. Many years has passed since then and he has a spotless record all these years. He refuses to talk about the incident. He claims that his family and his friends do not know about it. He threatens to withdraw donation if you print the story. What do you do? (I will share the source of this case later).
Following the Moral Reasoning Process, figure 3.1 (Day, 2006, p. 68), define the situation, analyze it and come up with a decision

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