Media reflection/reaction/analysis of Inequality

Media reflection/reaction/analysis of Inequality
Media reflection/reaction/analysis of                          Inequality

Media reflection/reaction/analysis of Inequality

Reich did a really good job of laying it all out in this film, the implications of economic inequality for society today are very concerning. However, it is worth pointing out that things have changed some in the short period since the film was produced. In what ways did the film affirm or challenge what you were taught about equal opportunity and the American Dream?

The Website for the Film contains the “Graphics Package” in there you can see all the various graphs, charts and pictures- this is where you WILL find the virtuous cycle and the vicious cycle:

First I want you to give me a brief personal reflection or reaction to the film- What parts of the film were surprising or made you sit back and say, Hmmm, I need to think more about that? Or, Wow, I never thought about that” (citing specific things that you remember from the film that had an impact on you or that stuck out to you) and tell why you were surprised or inspired to think further on it.

Second, explain the difference between the Vicious Cycle and the Virtuous Cycle and what does it mean for the society to suffer from the vicious cycle? How do we ensure that we are prospering under a virtuous cycle?

Finally, what do you think most Americans don’t realize about income inequality? What kind of difference do you think it would make if they did have this information?

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