Memory for Information Research Paper

Memory for Information Research Paper Memory for information in the long-term might be affected by different ways of learning or encoding such information in the first place.

Memory for Information Research Paper
Memory for Information Research Paper

Describe two principles that have been shown to enhance explicit retention of information in long-term memory. Also, in each of these descriptions be sure to tell us about one particular study each that can provide support for the principles you mention (i.e., the IV and DV of the study and what happened in the study).

Memory for Information Research Paper Instructions

Must use concrete examples and cite ideas and research that are not your own. You must cite at least TWO primary sources.
For the primary source, describe what happened in the study, what it explains, and how their results apply to both the explanation they are trying to support and the prompt you are addressing in your assignment.
Finally, there are NO DIRECT QUOTES in science writing (no sections in quotation marks), therefore you must rephrase all ideas in your own words. Citations represent the source of your researched ideas, but all of the words must be your own.
Use articles on PsychINFO – (school governors state university)

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