Mental Health for Private Practice Project Proposal

Mental Health for Private Practice Project Proposal Your goal is to develop a business proposal to open a mental health-related private practice in a city of your choice. Specifically, your proposal should contain the following considerations:

Mental Health for Private Practice Project Proposal
Mental Health for Private Practice Project Proposal
  1. Name and nature of your private practice
  2. Description of the types of clients to be served and the nature of professional endeavors you (and your team) plan to offer. In other words, what types of client services and what services to be provided and why. Please justify your answer. You should be considering the needs of the community in which you place the practice.
  3. Names and types of professionals you will employ to provide the services described above. If only you, state so and why you have chosen to limit your practice to a single provider.
  4. A comprehensive description of the facility (office space or building) you will need to operate your private practice. Focused should be placed on:
  5. Type of space desired and why (please be very descriptive), including square footage
  6. The preferred location of practice and why (for instance in the City Limits on the 30th floor of a high rise office complex because the desire is to cater to corporate clients)
  7. Types and nature of rooms to be used in the practice and for what purposes
  8. Description of your storefront and why you believe this look is amenable, attractive or important to the image your practice presents to the public
  9. Plans for parking space (how much, etc.)

NOTE: Part 4 should be the SHORTEST section of this project since it is the least important.

  1. Upfront financial investment; in other words how much money do you propose you need to develop and implement your practice. NOTE: Will this even be possible? How, specifically, will you pay for this? And why, (if borrowing money from a bank) do you feel you would receive such a loan? BE REALISTIC, since not every business will be approved for such financial backing. In the end, is this even financially feasible or worthwhile?
  2. Any other information that you believe is relevant to this proposal

Minimum 3.5 pages, maximum 6 pages, double spaced excluding cover page (if included). The paper should use 12-point, Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins.


ALL papers for this course must be thoroughly proofread before being submitted. Significant points will be taken off for misspelled words, wrong words used, missing words, grammar mistakes, incomprehensible phrases/sentences, and punctuation errors. Points WILL be taken off for these mistakes. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THIS, and DO NOT TRUST A COMPUTER TO FIND THESE MISTAKES FOR YOU; computers are not as smart as humans in that they cannot differentiate incorrect content from correct content.

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