Methodology use of Case Studies

Methodology use of Case Studies This is a work already done and to complete, here are the main lines of the assignment :

Methodology use of Case Studies
Methodology use of Case Studies

Detail your overall methodological framework and the method(s) which you will use in your project
What method(s) will you use?
Discuss this with your advisors
Are you going to use case studies?
Are you going to use questionnaires or interviews?
Are you going to use action research?
Are there other methods you might use?
What existing work and experiences can you reflect upon?
Harvard format
Academic and professional
Must include up to date recent references
Must be referenced within the body of the text, particularly within the literature review section, but also throughout the rest of the report
The assignment consists of a written assignment and a presentation. The written assignment consists of a 5000-words account of your methodological approach to your project. The ideas are that this will form the basis of your methodology chapter in your final thesis. It is very important that you do not write an essay on research methodologies but rather you discuss the approach and why you think. It is suggested that you structure the assignment in the following way:
Philosophical Basis
Here you will discuss your basic orientation to the research study and the implications that this might have for your overall design. For instance… Are you taking a predominantly qualitative approach and why or is a predominantly quantitative approach and again why? Or is it mixed methods?
Methodological Approach
The overall framework you have selected and discuss why you have selected it. Examples of this are Action Research, Case Study Design. Proposed Methods Your basic design and is it cross-sectional or longitudinal and why. How data will be collected? For example, are you using a questionnaire and why.
Proposed Method of Analysis
How will you analyze the data?
Rationale for Sample
This is an important section which is often overlooked and you need to discuss your approach and the strategy you will use
Reliability and Validity or Trustworthiness and Authenticity
Discuss how you will ensure that these issues are addressed and remember there are different criteria for qualitative and quantitative approaches. You could include in this section the ways in which you incorporate reflections into the project.
Ethical Issues
What ethical issues are inherent in your work; remember that in research there are always, in research, ethical issues even if formal ethical approval is not required
As most of you may be undertaking what is termed “insider research”, it is an idea to discuss this and particular issues which may arise
This structure is a suggested structure and you may wish to approach the
assignment in a different way; but it is important you address the issues
outlined above

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