Miami International Airport Financial Management

Miami International Airport Financial Management Presentation 1

They all have to be the same airport.

Miami international airport

Pick an airport and create a presentation. This airport will be visited each week and you will apply the knowledge learned from this class to your chosen airport.

Miami International Airport Financial Management
Miami International Airport Financial Management

Tell us which airport you chose and why. Include any links. Also, include any information about your airport’s compliance with FAR 139.

FAR139: Airport emergency plans:

What sort of eventualities must be included when creating airport emergency plans?

Can you find the emergency plans for your airport?

FAR 139: Wildlife hazard management:

What are some ways airports mitigate the risk posed by wildlife?

What wildlife risks occur at your chosen airport?

Presentation 2

Airport Presentation Section 2 – Airport Financial Management

Airport Financial Management: Research your airport’s financial management.

What are its main revenue sources?

Has it received any grants?

Does it have any private investment?

Do you think your airport would benefit from privatization?

Compile all your Airport Presentations into one presentation.

The economic, political, and social role of airports:

Economic Role:

What impact has your airport had on the economy?

Does it provide jobs?

Opportunities for tourists to visit the area?

Are there convention centers that benefit?

Hotels, car rental agencies?

How does the multiplier effect impact the community

Political Role:

What airport use agreements does your airport have with air carriers?

Is your airport dominated by a few large airlines or a combination of traditional airlines and low-cost airlines?

What difference services do these airlines require?

What concessions are available at your airport?

Environmental Role:

Research and discuss in detail the noise abatement practices at your chosen airport. Are they adequate?

How does the community feel about the airport noise?

Airport Presentation 3 – Airport Planning

Airport Planning

Is your airport part of the NPIAS?

A Port Authority?

Which state level department or agency oversees your airport?

Locate the airport master plan for your airport, provide a link, and write an overview.

What method would you use to plan your airport’s expansion: quantitative or qualitative?

Are there obstructions that will prevent future expansion?

What are the environmental impacts of expansion?

Capacity and delay: slot system

Does your airport have a quota or slot system? Does it work?

If your airport does not have a quota or slot system, do you think it should?

What recommendations would you make to reduce delay at your airport?

Include any links and cite all sources.

Presentation 4

FBO Presentation – FBO Operations

Research the FBOs at your chosen airport. Compile the information below into a presentation.

What services do they provide? Detail each service.

What size are they? Are they a one-airport name, or part of a chain?

Discuss the pros and cons of regional/national FBO chains vs. mom and pop FBOs. Include links to the FBOs at your airport.

Compile all your Airport Presentations, including the data about your FBO into one presentation.

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