Michael Lewis, Boomerang Essay Assignment

Michael Lewis, Boomerang
  Michael Lewis, Boomerang

Michael Lewis, Boomerang

To answer this you need to use the book: Michael Lewis, Boomerang.

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Part 1
Answer any six of the following, but you must do at least two of the last three (7,8,9)

1. The sound of the Booms!(s) first referenced on page 7 has a very specific cause which is defined later on another page: what is the cause and why are the booms happening?

2. Icelandic phone book is organized how?

3. To make an Icelandic bank, sell to, and buy, from a friend what two common household ‘items’ on borrowed money (say, on a billion dollars)?

4. What was one of the hidden causes of the current global financial crisis related to “people who saw it coming”? That is, what did they do and why?

5. Charles Kinderberger’s 1978 book is called _________________________?

6. Oxford University lost $___________ in its investments in Icelandic banks.

7. Why are fisherman not wealthy, “despite the fact that the fishery resources of the sea are the richest and most indestructible available to man” (1954)?

8. Thanks to public policy in the 1970s, and as a way to prevent overfishing, Iceland’s fishing rights were sold to individual fisherman, who each were assigned a pre-defined limit on their annual catch. These rights in turn were salable (i.e., “sellable”), and “fish not only became privatized, they became ____________.”

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