Midwifery Based Research Benefits of Breastfeeding

Midwifery Based Research Benefits of Breastfeeding This is Midwifery based research assignment.

Midwifery Based Research Benefits of Breastfeeding
Midwifery Based Research Benefits of Breastfeeding

Please see attached:

– my reference list

– coursework guidelines/ learning outcomes

– the research paper template

Paper template

Presentation of your work: –

Essay format: 1½ line spacing, Arial font, size 12 and pages should be numbered.

The content needs to be referenced throughout and an accurate reference list should be included at the end of the essay.

Care needs to be taken to ensure English spelling rather than American English spelling of words is used. All abbreviations need to be written in full when first mentioned, with the abbreviation in brackets next to the full terminology. The abbreviation can then be used within the remainder of the essay. For example spontaneous rupture of membranes (SROM).

Sentences need to be grammatically correct and construction needs careful attention. Make sure that every sentence is making one point that has not been said before. Every sentence should have a subject, a verb, and an object. Words (apart from those in common usage, for example, conjunctions/connectives) should not be repeated within the one sentence and preferably not in the subsequent or the preceding sentence. Use a thesaurus to find an alternative word. Remember that short, concise sentences are almost always better than long, complicated ones. Try to avoid non-specific words if possible; for example, “nice”, “good”, “very”, “vast”. Please avoid the use of “etc”.

Each paragraph should have only one theme. Each paragraph should contain more than one sentence, but not be too long. About two or three paragraphs to a page are preferable. Having a paragraph extending over more than one page is too long. Leave one line space (and one only) between paragraphs.

Do not use quotations excessively. Consider rewriting in your own words. Quotations should always be referenced with page numbers and discussed. Do not use them to write your work for you. If a quotation is a phrase and can be placed within a sentence of the text it should go within the text in inverted commas. Quotations of a sentence or more should be outside the text, one space below the preceding text and one space above the following text. In this case, the quotation should be single-spaced and indented from each margin by approximately 3.5cms.

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