Modern Western Capitalism and Sociological Theory

Modern Western Capitalism and Sociological Theory Choose one of the following prompts and craft a coherent response. YOU MUST USE EXPLICATION DE TEXTE TO SUPPORT YOUR ANSWERS, AND YOU SHOULD NOT USE ANY TEXTS EXCEPT THOSE FOR THE COURSE TO WRITE YOUR PAPERS, NOR SHOULD YOU CONSULT INTERNET SITES. Please write your name on the top, upper-left of the first page of your paper and do make it clear to me which prompt you have chosen to respond to.

Modern Western Capitalism and Sociological Theory
Modern Western Capitalism and Sociological Theory

It is primarily a pedagogical tool, similar to a formal book report. Use a simplified citation system: after each quotation simply put in parenthesis the last name of the author of the text used (e.g., Levine, Wolff, Oakes, Giddens, etc.) and the p. #

  1. Implicit or explicit in the work of Marx, Durkheim, Weber, and Simmel are theories about how social solidarity/integration, the division of labor, and the human condition change as Western societies are transformed from pre-modern to modern/urban/industrial. Compare and contrast the work of these four sociologists with respect to the nature of social evolution and consider the aspects of social evolution enumerated above in your answer.
  2. Weber argues that certain elements of culture promoted behavior that laid the foundation for the emergence of modern Western capitalism. What are these elements and in what ways are they historically unique? How do they mold behavior in a way consistent with Weber’s vision of capitalism and lead to Weber’s ultimate conclusion about the fate of individuality and freedom under capitalism?

IMPORTANT NOTICE : A simple format for writing an Explication de Texte is this:

1 A brief summary of the literal, not the figurative, content;

2 A description of the text’s type and structure (e.g. Was it a sonnet? What kind?) and its tone;

3 The poetic devices used in the text (e.g. personification)

4 Conclusion


ALL writing should BASE ON BOOK

1.emile durkheim selected writings

2.the portable karl marx the protestant ethic and the spirite of capitalism

Make sure you have read those and know their thoughts

IF U USE THE QUOTATION THAT I GIVE, PLEASE indicate it on paper, eg: (levin, 175)

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