Movie Provoked and Story The Disappearance

Movie Provoked and Story The Disappearance Analytical Inter-textual Reflection Paper
Texts: movie “Provoked” and story Divakaruni’s “The Disappearance”
Topic: Why isn’t the “happily ever after” as happy, as promised by fairy tales?

Movie Provoked and Story The Disappearance
Movie Provoked and Story The Disappearance

How did the movie Provoked assist you in better understanding the events in Divakaruni’s short story, “The Disappearance”? If you want, you may expand your analysis to Divakaruni’s “Clothes” as well. However, “Divakaruni’s “The Disappearance” is a required text, while “Clothes” is optional. Concentrate on the clash of cultural values—for example, the themes of stereotypical gender roles and expectations in a patriarchal culture; clothes (Western vs. traditional);
gender-related double standards in relation to education/profession/general behavior; cross-gender communication (or the lack of such); ways of raising, and of course, the notion of freedom.

Movie Provoked and Story The Disappearance MLA Citations

Continuously, in each paragraph, incorporate direct MLA citations from Divakaruni’s story (or stories) to support your ideas. Present concrete relevant
examples from the movie (you may paraphrase the characters’ words). Align the movie with the story. Even when you discuss the movie, you should find a
logical/creative way to align your ideas with direct citations from the story, “The Disappearance.” You may use the “I” voice (only in this reflection

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