Multiplying Cosines Assignment Help

Multiplying cosines

Multiplying cosines

Draw diagrams to show the frequency domain representation of the following signals:

i.a square wave with an amplitude of 1 V and fundamental frequency 2 kHz

Multiplying cosines 
Multiplying cosines

ii.a single rectangular pulse with height 2 V and width 50 ms

iii.a cosine wave with amplitude 1 V and frequency 3 kHz multiplied by another cosine wave with amplitude 1 V and frequency 20 kHz. There is no problem in evaluating out1. I got the answer. Again with out1, I want to multiply cos(pi*x) and cos(pi*y), because that is the definition of fourier sereis in two dimension.Iam getting an error message saying that Error using * Inner matrix dimensions must agree.

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