Musical Theatre Movement Evaluation

Musical Theatre Movement Evaluation At my course, we did a movement outcome.

Musical Theatre Movement Evaluation
Musical Theatre Movement Evaluation

My solo was to the song Rita Ora Let You Love Me and it is pretty self-explanatory, my strengths was my dancing skills, my weaknesses was putting raw real emotion to it which I managed to very successfully do near the end I had to explore different emotions and feeling the emotion out more than just dancing to the song.

The group piece was with four other group members and our style was earthy and grounded and we got given three words we had to make something out of which were togetherness, separation, and reconnection, we had instrumental music with no vocals, and we decided to give it a tribal feel through the movement and style.

This was the question.

Evaluatearning experience throughout this Unit. Review your learning across Outcomes 1, 2

and 3 and use personal diary and/or logbook entries to help you reflect, make assessments and

make recommendations for future development.

This evaluative essay/report should consist of approximately 1,000 words.

Please follow the points below when writing:

To evaluate movement practice, consider;

  • Awareness of a variety of movement forms/styles
  • Analysis of group performance
  • Analysis of solo movement study
  • Strategies for development

o Discuss verbal and written feedback throughout the process.

o Use individual solo feedback that was emailed to you to reflect and discuss.

o Use verbal feedback from group sessions to reflect and discuss.

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