Mutation Research and Writing Project

Mutation Research and Writing Project Read each Research/writing Project carefully and make sure you know what type of information is required. Be sure you answer the questions asked. You should add other pertinent information of interest at any appropriate point in the assignment.

Mutation Research and Writing Project
Mutation Research and Writing Project

2. The research paper should include:

At least 2 scholarly articles, no more than 10 years old. Helpful link for research click here

APA citation format

Online links should also be in APA format

Helpful links for APA citation are found online

Random internet pages or sites funded by producers with no affiliation to research

bodies will NOT be counted (unless that is all that you are able to find; you will

need to explain this for full biblio credit).

  1. Use a word processor to type each project in 2 pages, 12 pt. font, and

double spaced.

  • Answer the questions given for the project in ESSAY format (Do not use headers

or non-essay format. Answer each question within the context of a whole,

complete essay). This means that you will submit 2 short essays this quarter.

O State your opinion.

O Provide logical arguments to back up your statements.

O Provide information from your sources to back up your statements.

O Explain why the information given supports your statements.

Mutation Research and Writing Project Topics of research


Guiding questions:

O What are mutations and their various types of mutation?

O Explain the effect of mutation using sickle cell anemia and 1 more example of your choice.

O How can we prevent it? Is that an option?

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