My Film Analysis on Social Problem Film

My Film Analysis on Social Problem Film Topic & Outline: In order to facilitate your Film Analysis (see the Film Analysis assignment instructions for further details), you will be required to turn in your film choice, topic choice, scholarly sources, and an outline for your film analysis by March 1st by 11:00 am.

My Film Analysis on Social Problem Film
My Film Analysis on Social Problem Film

You must provide an outline of your paper at this time, including paragraph by paragraph breakdowns of the points you intend to cover in your assignment.

My Film Analysis on Social Problem Film Outline

Your topic and outline submission should be typed in a word document, and should include the following:

Film: Title of the film, the date of the film’s release, a brief description of the film (2-3 sentences), and the film’s IMDB link (or link to a similar website).

Topic: One or two sentences specifically identifying the topic of your film analysis. (See examples of social problem topics below.)

Course Readings: List any course readings or textbooks you are planning to use. Please use APA or ASA format.

My Film Analysis on Social Problem Film Academic Sources

Academic Sources: List your 5 additional sources in APA or ASA format. The purpose of turning in your topic and sources early is to provide me with an opportunity to review the sources and ensure they are accurate and appropriate for the course. A wide variety of scholarly work will be acceptable, but the key will be finding the proper scholarly and peer-reviewed work. All sources in a references section should be alphabetized by the first author’s last name.

Outline: You should include a brief outline of the structure of your paper, including major points you wish to make.

Here are some examples of the social problem topics you may choose:


Alcohol and Drug Use



Poverty and Wealth

Racial Inequality

Physical and Mental illness

Sexual Discrimination against women and sexual minorities

Pollution and environmental problems

War and Terrorism

Global Warming

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