Mystery Basket of Produce Menu Design

Mystery Basket of Produce Menu Design Using the case study provided, and the mystery basket of produce, you are to design an a la carte dinner menu that you believe is suitable to organizational needs and the target market.

Mystery Basket of Produce Menu Design
Mystery Basket of Produce Menu Design

Your menu must include entrees, mains and desserts, however you are free to include as many items in each category as you believe is most appropriate to the case study. Your assessment has three elements to be submitted;

Element One – The completed Menu (Structure, scope, graphic design, pricing all to be taken into considerations. This should be presented in hard copy as well as submitted to Turnitin (no word count)

Element Two – Recipe Costing documents for six menu items (that include all items from the ëmystery boxí) using the template provided in class (no word count)

Element Three – The justification of the created menu. This report is providing a rationale and explain all aspect of the menu you have designed. Format and heading to be discussed in class.

This is the main component of the assessment and will form the basis for the assessment of the menu itself as you will justify your choices and explain why the menu you have produced is most suitable to the case study.

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