Napoleon Bonaparte History Essay Paper

Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte

Why did Napoleon Bonaparte assume control of France, and what factors led to his downfall

The paper needs to be done in Times New Roman, font 12. Citations to be done in Chicago Style- use superscript numbers to identify the citation. Provide footnotes at the bottom of the page.

– he was a skilled military man
– had a lot of victories that led him to become commander
– he failed in Egypt but then he returned to France so it did not ruin his reputation
– he conquered most of Europe
– imposed the Continental System
– was at war with most of Europe at one time
– Prussia, Russia, Austria, and Britain became allies to overthrow Napoleon
– he was sent to Alba to live out his days but he comes back
– in the end he gets sent to Africa (St. Helena) to live out his days.

Wearied by the weaknesses of the Directory, a group of conspirators joined forces with Napoleon Bonaparte to oust the Directors and give Napoleon control of France. His reputation as a brilliant military leader and his charisma and determination made him seem ideal to lead the country to victory over its enemies. However, Napoleon’s relentless ambitions ultimately led to his downfall. Not satisfied with his successes throughout Europe, and struggling to maintain his hold on Spain and Portugal, Napoleon made the fatal mistake of attempting to invade Russia in the summer of 1812. After a disastrous retreat from Moscow, he was eventually forced to abdicate the throne in 1814.

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