Native American that you are interested in

Native American that you are interested in
Native American that you are interested in

Native American that you are interested in researching, writing and presenting. ” The last Native American Ishi”

After submitting your topic proposal, you, you will finish the final research paper.

Please use the following criteria when formatting your paper:

Use 12 point Times New Roman font.

Set your paper margins for 1 inch on all sides.

Double-space your paper.

Your paper should be a minimum of eight pages and a maximum of ten pages long. Papers that do not meet the minimum/maximum length will receive a zero. You are required to include citations and a bibliography with a minimum of five sources, all of which should be formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style Author-Date System. Please note that your bibliography does not count towards your overall page count. The instructor reserves the right to refuse papers that do not meet these requirements.

Your paper should generally address the following three points in detail (25 points total):

  1. For your introduction: Assume I have no knowledge of your topic. Introduce it to me using biographical, historical and other information relevant to your discussion (8 points).
  2. For the main body of your essay: How does your specific topic relate to the larger discussions and readings that we have engaged in over the course of the semester? What unique Native or Indigenous performance strategies can be understood through your art practice or artist? In what ways does your topic perpetuate, change, or challenge the way Native American and Indigenous modern creative and performing arts are perceived as part of global art scenes? Be sure to relate these questions to relevant readings, lecture notes, and class discussions (9 points).
  3. For your conclusion: In what ways is this topic relevant to you in your own life? How has your perspective changed over the course of this semester as a result of studying your topic? What are some concrete ways you can continue to create change with the understanding you have gained over the course of this class? (8 points)

Your paper will be graded following a rubric based on the above outline to be distributed by midterm.

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