Negotiation of contracts help managers

Negotiation of contracts help managers
Negotiation of contracts help managers

Negotiation of contracts help managers

Organizations with clear techniques of negotiation of contracts help managers prepare for effective, successful contract negotiation. Techniques in one negotiation may not effectively work well in another.

The president of the Brikris Corporation has assigned you to a negotiation team. You are a part of a special project team that is focused on putting together a training seminar for the development of high-performance negotiation skills for various contract modifications.

As a team, you should consider concepts examined so far in the course and their impact on contract negotiation. Consider the various types of contract modifications and the situations that surround those modifications.

Assignment Guidelines

Step 1

Each team member must prepare a 1-page Word document with well-developed ideas for best practices of negotiation techniques.

This document should include recommendations for (at minimum) 4 primary things that are vital for a successful negotiation.

Explain how that idea will ensure a win-win negotiation.

This should be prepared in Word and copied to the Small Group DB so that others may provide feedback.

Step 2

As a member of this special project team, provide feedback to the posted recommendations of one other member of the team.

Your feedback should be well developed and offer a new perspective for him or her to consider.

Post comments directly on the Small Group DB, in response to the post of another team member.

Step 3

As a group, discuss and arrive at a consensus on at least 5 best practices for negotiation techniques from the list provided by all members of the team.

Prepare 1 document with the list of 5, and explain how that idea will ensure a win-win negotiation.

Step 4

As a team, prepare a final document for the Brikris Corporation president to review.

This document will contain the list of best practices for a high-performance negotiation, as well as the best methods to approach contract modifications.

Each team member will be graded based on his or her contribution to each step of the project. Individual grades may be assigned based on the level of contribution.

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