Numi Organic Tea Marketing Team

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Numi Organic Tea Marketing Team Sample Answer

Their customer is a female tea lover, trained at the college level.

Numi Organic Tea Marketing Team
Numi Organic Tea Marketing Team

The Numi marketing team figured out that the Numi Organic Tea identifies potential customers through what the customers want from the product and discovered that the customers were looking for organic, fair-trade and premium quality tea (Lamb et al., 2012).

Numi Organic Tea is anchored on the principle that enhances the creation of healthful products that nurtures people, and that gives honor to the planet. They aim at promoting a healthy and a growing global community while supplying to consumers the purest and best-tasting organic tea. These are organic substances that are certified by USDA. In addition, they contain one hundred percent herbs, flowers, fruits, and spices without artificial fragrances or flavorings (Forster, 2013).
Numi Organic Tea utilizes certified ingredients and applies certified Fair Labor Practices. Numi Organic Tea’s good practices include eco-responsible packaging and use of tea bags. They also work together with green partners on the reduction of carbon emissions. They utilize solar energy and buy renewable energy credits to reduce emissions from the supply chain. They also desist from using shrink-wrap in production. Their packaging materials consist of eighty-five percent post-consumer waste, as well as soy-based inks and the tea bags, are biodegradable filter papers. Their products include loose leaf, tea bags as well as iced and flowering teas (Forster, 2013).

3)  B.

Demographic Segmentation which involves separating the market into several groups on the basis of certain variables such as education, religion, generation family lifecycle, Age, Gender, Income, occupation, nationality and social class.

4) C, Benefit segmentation)

5) A, Family life cycle

6) D, Gender

7) C, Product differentiation

8) A

Undifferentiated Marketing. This is a strategy for market coverage in which a firm may decide to ignore market differences then pursue the whole market in one offer. Focus on what is common as opposed to what is different and rely on what is mass distribution, mass advertising and aims at giving a superior image in the consumers mind.

9) B, False

10) A, True

Numi Organic Tea Marketing Team References

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