Nursing Research Article

This assignment focuses on nursing research and nursing science, with an additional emphasis on quality and safety education in nursing. To begin the

assignment, select a nursing research article that was conducted in the US and has been published within the last 5 years. The article must have been printed

in a peer-reviewed nursing journal. To qualify as a nursing research article for this assignment, the primary author must be a nurse, and the topic of the

article must focus on a research study that focused on some aspect of nursing.
Next, read the following article:
Cronenwett, L., Sherwood, G., Barnsteiner J., Disch, J., Johnson, J., Mitchell, P., Sullivan, D., Warren, J. (2007). Quality and safety education for nurses.

Nursing Outlook, 55(3)122-131.
Also review the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) website related to knowledge, skills and attitudes competencies for quality and safety in

pre-licensure education:
Read the nursing research article you selected. Prepare a three-page paper that addresses the following elements:
1. A brief summary of the topic and focus of the article.
2. What information did you understand from this article?
3. What information didn’t you understand from this article?
4. How does this study, either from a research question or research findings perspective, relate to one or more of the competencies for quality and safety

education for nurses?
NB: Please take an article from CINHAL and present for approval first.

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