Nutrition News Article Review Assignment

Nutrition News Article Review
Nutrition News Article Review

Nutrition News Article Review

1) Identify a story in the lay press (i.e. Detroit Free Press, NY Times, Huffington Post, Wall St. Journal, Today Show, Fox News, etc.) that relates to the course material. This could be a story about about nutrition or disease that ties into a topic we covered this semester. Be sure to include a URL so that I can find the story about which you are writing.

2) Briefly summarize the main point and use the understanding of biochemistry you developed this semester to explain how the story relates to the course material.

3) Evaluate any claims made by the author. Are they accurate? Are they biased? Are there areas that are speculative but could be accurate, we just don’t have sufficient knowledge yet? Describe your perspective on the story as a result of having studied biochemistry and metabolism this term.

Scale and scope: Use standard 1 inch margins and 12 pt fonts. The paper should be no shorter than 1 pg single spaced and no longer than 2 pages.

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