Open letter Regarding  the College of Business undergraduate curriculum

Open letter Regarding  the College of Business undergraduate curriculum
   Open letter Regarding  the College of Business                                undergraduate curriculum

Open letter Regarding  the College of Business undergraduate curriculum

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Open letter Regarding  the College of Business undergraduate curriculum

Open Letter

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Michael Fields

Office of the Dean College of Business

320 N. Main Street

Houston, TX 77002

Dear Sir,

TITLE: Open Letter Regarding  the College of Business undergraduate curriculum

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention a grave complaint that I have with respect to the undergraduate curriculum that is being used to for the College of business students. I came to this university and reported to the college with great academic and professional aspirations following my admission into this institution. After two semesters in the university I began to question my optimism and this was all to do with the nature of the curriculum that we are currently following. There are several problems that I have noted in its design and I believe these need to be attended to as a matter of urgency given the gravity of the situation. The first problem is that of overlapping of units as well as an inherent lack of balance in the distribution of subjects. The effects of this problem are bound to catch up with students later on upon their completion of their studies.

As stated above, one of the problems is that of units overlapping each other. The management modules that have been included in the curriculum for instance tend to mirror one another too closely and this begs the question about the need for two separate units that basically teach the same thing. The only difference is the naming but everything else is virtually identical. We are not certain whether the problem lies in the design of the curriculum or with the tutors who are assigned to teach us. We have tried raising the issue with them but they stated that it was out of their mandate and theirs is just to teach the units they are assigned.

The second problem of distribution of units has to do with the heavy bias towards accounts and economics in this cirriculum leaving other units that would ideally be core as topics within other units. Human resource management, statistical methods and Marketing are core components of any business course but in our case they are touched on briefly in different distinct units rather than having their own subject blocs. While we do get the knowledge, there are some concepts that we are likely to miss out on due to a lack of continuity in the delivery of these vital skills.

The problems that we are bound to experience due to these issues in the curriculum are mainly in seeking post-graduate places as well as looking for employment. A look at any business related masters degree will show under the instructions that one needs to have in his or her transcript a given threshold of units touching on different aspects of business such as marketing, human sciences, economics and statistical methods. This means that we are likely to have a very narrow scope of opportunities if we decide to pursue further studies. When it comes to seeking employment, skills in the field of marketing and human resource management are considered to be very important and as such we should have them taught exclusively. Not having them as exclusive units means that potential employers are bound to overlook our applications for the different available positions.

I kindly request that you look into the above issues and respond.

Yours Sincerely

Student Name

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