Organizational Analysis Paper Presentation Final Project

Organizational Analysis Paper Presentation Final Project OVERVIEW

OBJECTIVE- Understanding the ways organizations influence and are influenced by communication is an integral part of understanding the phenomenon of organizational structures and processes.

Organizational Analysis Paper Presentation Final Project
Organizational Analysis Paper Presentation Final Project

For this project, you will select an organization to research, interview organizational members, analyze organizational content and messages, provide recommendations, and report your findings to the class. One way to conceptualize this project is to think of yourself as an organizational consultant for the organization you have chosen to study.  Based on an analysis of the organization utilizing concepts and theories we have discussed in class, what are things you would advise the organization to change, incorporate, discontinue, or “keep doing”?

Organizational Analysis Paper Presentation Final Project Requirements

REQUIREMENTS- Please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing your project:

  • There should be at least 2 main sections of your final project, which include an “analysis” section and a “recommendations” section. It should be clear to me what you are advising the organization to change, incorporate, discontinue, or keep doing, based on your analysis.
  • You must include (at least) the following sources in your final project:

(a) The textbook and/or class notes (remember to Define//Cite//Relate)

(b) Data from at least 2 interviews (“rich description”)

(c) 2 outside peer-reviewed journal articles or books (not including articles we referenced

in class)

  • APA style in-text citations should be utilized throughout and an APA style reference page should be included at the end of the project citing the sources.
  • Your final presentation can take any form you would like (an academic paper, Prezi, PowerPoint, audio-lecture, video recording, “mock” interview) but MUST remain professional. “Length” does not matter, as long as the project is coherent, complete, and thorough.

The following pages detail each component of the final project. Please adhere to all assignment guidelines and deadlines, as posted in the course syllabus.


For this project, you will be working to analyze the public communication (i.e., not private emails or classified information!) and interview data from one organization of your choosing to gain a better understanding of the communication processes and structures inherent in the organization. The organization itself, though, may be public, private, government, volunteer, or a social club, etc. Please avoid organizations directly affiliated with SUNY Oneonta (e.g., sororities/fraternities, service organizations, clubs, and sports teams).

Please submit the following information in a separate Microsoft Word document to Dropbox by the date indicated on the syllabus.

(1) The name of the organization you have decided to research

(2) A brief rationale for your choice (e.g., why did you choose this organization to study?)

(3) A brief summary of the organization’s background, mission, and purpose (no more than 2-3 paragraphs; please be sure to cite when necessary). In other words… “who” is this organization?

(4) Copies of at least three “artifacts” of public communication from the chosen organization

  • You are encouraged to use varied sources of public communication. These artifacts may include items such as company newspapers, (public) memos, published reports, media interviews, press releases, prospective employee information guides/pamphlets, information located on company websites, and television or radio commercials, social media accounts, photographs from the office/building, etc.

(5)        List of at least 3 potential contacts for interviews and reasons why they would make good/interesting interviewees.  Keep in mind the following questions:

  • Who do you have access to?
  • Will they have time to complete an interview with you?
  • Will they know enough about the organization to provide detailed information?

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