Organizational Assessment and Implementation Paper

Organizational Assessment and Implementation Paper
Organizational Assessment and Implementation Paper

Organizational Assessment and Implementation Paper

Instructions and Report Sections

Part 1: Literature Review (25 pts). Review relevant literature on the major social problem or condition that your field agency seeks to change or ameliorate. This section should (a) identify the problem clearly, and (b) discuss the prevalence and (c) the severity of the problem as well as (d) the impacted population. A competent literature review requires the use of at least four recent (since 2006) scholarly sources, at least half of which should come from social work journals.

Part 2: Committees, work groups and boards (15pts). Discuss these task groups in your agency. Do you think that based upon the text and class discussion, they would be considered effective? Why or why not?

Part 3: Leadership and teamwork (15pts). Discuss these processes. Are leaders and teams as effective as you think they should be in your agency? Why or why not?

Part 4: Community relations and networking (15pts). Discuss these processes. Does your organization have the kinds of networks and community relations necessary to effectively deal with the problems indicated in the literature review (part 1).Why or why not?

Part 5: Motivation and Control (15pts). Discuss the nature of these processes in your agency. Are they effective? Why or why not?

Part 6: Advocacy practice (15pts). Does anyone in your field placement engage in advocacy? If so what kind: describe their activities. Discuss the adequacy of their case and class advocacy activities. If there are no advocacy activities in your organization, why not? How might they be developed? What class and case advocacy activities would be most appropriate? Which ones would be least appropriate?

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