Organizational Behavior Assignment Paper

Organizational Behavior
                                Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

Assignment Brief

  1. Identify from your literature research the following two topic areas from the module that apply to an organisations effectiveness:
  2. Work groups and teams


  1. Power and Politics
  2. Using your organisation or one that you are familiar with as a case study, analyse and critically discuss the impact that your topic areas may have on the culture of the organisation.

Your analysis must be based upon relevant academic literature. It must also make specific reference to conceptual models and theories.


Your assignment should be in a report format and not be any longer than 2,500 words, excluding the reference page(s) and appendices (which should be kept to the minimum).

All references to both academic literature and other published sources must be attributed using the Harvard referencing system, which must be used accurately.

Improper citations or plagiarism will result in work being referred to the School Academic Misconduct Officer who will make a decision about any penalties that may be applied to the grade.

Assessment Criteria

Your assignment will be assessed against the postgraduate marking scheme;

  • Achievement of the Assessment Brief (To what extent does the work address the task set?) (25%)
  • Content & Analysis (45%)
  • Structure, Presentation & expression.(15%)
  • Referencing (15%)

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