Organizational Culture Term Paper

Organizational Culture
                  Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture Term Paper

You are to choose one of the session topics and make a critical case study on this topic using a real organization. Ideally, this will be an organization you currently work for or have worked for in the past. If you have never worked, choose an organization you have a lot of knowledge about or can easily access.

The requirements for the essay are:

i. the topic was covered in one of the 10 weeks this term.

ii. you use an organization you know well (you have worked there, or still work there, or a company contact there). The point is that it is easy for you
to get information about this organization

iii. your case analysis should develop towards a critical discussion of the theories that are relevant to your organization. You should demonstrate which aspects of your organization DO and DO NOT ‘fit the model’ (i.e., what can or cannot be explained by the theories we discussed with reference to your organization)

iv. any sources used must be referenced in the Appendix using the title “References.” Understandably, you will be using information you have from personal experience or from relations working in the organization you are analyzing. In these cases, simply put an in-text reference like
(personal experience) or (personal conversation). You can vary the way you do this, but the requirement is that you give some indication as to
where or how you acquired this information.

v. your submission will not be made public. However, if you feel that you are using information that might be too sensitive for the organization, you may anonymize the organization and/or persons. In any case, please set the context for your chosen organization by briefly describing what the
organization does, where it is based, how big it is, etc.

vi. your grade will be determined by the following criteria:

  • Focus (setting up a clear essay question to address, staying on topic),
  • Synthesis (bringing
    together relevant literature in a significant manner),
  • Soundness (demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the topic, providing a critical discussion),
  • Clarity of Structure (well organized and logically
  • Mechanical Soundness (clearly written, spell checked, referenced appropriately)

vii. please use Times New Roman (12-point font) or Arial (11-point font), double-spaced

Additional tips for the term paper:
1. You must provide a full description of your chosen topic (including definitions, theoretical foundations, its antecedent conditions (i.e., why and how it exists in organizations), its relation to organizational outcomes (e.g., job performance, citizenship behavior, commitment, identification, counter workplace behavior, etc.), its relation to other organizational theory concepts or ideas.
2. You must discuss the ways in which this theory fits (aligns) with the organization you have selected
3. You must discuss the ways in which you do not think this topic is particularly relevant to your chosen organization
4. You should explain critics of the theory (i.e., research that challenges the theory/topic you have selected). Why or why not?
5. You will need to incorporate readings from the course and independent research to inform a thorough response.

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