Organizational Interventions and Human Rights

Organizational Interventions and Human Rights 1st page on Organizational Interventions and Human Rights and other two pages on oppression, privilege, and diversity

Organizational Interventions and Human Rights Overview

As an ongoing project, you will keep a learning log that will convey your reflections, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and other responses to the content of this class.

Organizational Interventions and Human Rights
Organizational Interventions and Human Rights

This learning log is an opportunity to reflect on your values, behaviors, and comfort zones as well as those of others in the class. It will allow you to record your experiences and examine them in the context of oppression, privilege, valuing diversity, and identifying areas of growth. You may write about experiences and reactions to class discussion, lectures, readings, field experiences, news events, community activities, and other relevant social encounters.

Organizational Interventions and Human Rights

Write one to two double-spaced pages each week and submit your entry through Moodle. These entries will be read only by the instructor but may be used by you when completing your online discussions.

Each entry should be structured as follows:

Choose an experience that you will record and describe what occurred. What was the event, the action, behavior and/or the circumstance?

Describe what occurred. What was the event, the action, behavior and/or the circumstance?

Example: I went to a Halloween party this past weekend. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a guy in a wheelchair. The next thing I knew, he was getting up out of the chair to get drinks and mingle with people. He had a neck brace on and a piece of metal coming out of his mouth.

Organizational Interventions and Human Rights

Discuss your reaction to and interpretation of the event or the material. Think about what happened and why. What explanations might there be for what happened? What did you see going on here in the event or in the material you read or heard?

Example: I was appalled. He came dressed as a person with a disability! I went over to him and replied, “That is absolutely disgusting. You make me sick,” and walked away. All the progress of the American Disabilities Act seemed to be nullified in a single incident. I started thinking of how common this really is. The mascot of the Cleveland Indians is modeled after an ethnic group. Homosexuals are targeted every day in popular media. Children ridicule and imitate persons with mental retardation.

Organizational Interventions and Human Rights

Indicate what you learned from examining how you reacted. This is an important step because it indicates the result of your reflections-in-action; it records awareness and sensitivity. This is the critical analysis that moves your learning beyond a description of the event or material. To accomplish this, try to step back from the situation and review what you saw or experienced, what you felt and recognized. Question what you know or think that you know. Consider what you have learned from readings and classmates, as well as from your own life experience.

Example: When these types of imitations and representations are acceptable in social circles, has American society really broken down barriers? I think the biggest problem is those who stand silently by and quietly encourage, “Silence is the voice of compliance.” For changes to take place we need to speak up … and we may need to find new friends and new parties to attend.

Organizational Interventions and Human Rights Instructions

This week, your log should reflect your personal and professional reactions/integration of the course content for this week.

However, if you have something you prefer to write about related to this week’s content, please do so.


Add a section that summarizes your experience with this assignment during the semester. Note any changes that you have seen over time, and evaluate the assignment’s use as a personal learning tool. Write 2 to 2.5 pages in response to the following questions:

How does what you learned from doing these journals relate to your learning about oppression, privilege, and diversity?

Organizational Interventions and Human Rights

What helped or hindered your learning in this assignment?

How do you see your personal values and biases affecting your future in social work?

What new tools do you feel you have to be an agent of change and what do you need to do more of to support your learning?

In your future field placement, how will you apply insights/lessons from this assignment?

Write a personal and professional mission statement with strategies to diminish oppression and promote social justice?

This assessment should be the last section of the reflection.


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