Orthodontists Charge Nonrefundable Fee

Orthodontists Charge Nonrefundable Fee Order Instructions: Orthodontists at an annual state meeting agreed to charge the parents of each child patient a nonrefundable fee of $200 before beginning any treatment. They also agreed that the charge for an orthodontia procedure would not be less than $2,000.

Orthodontists Charge Nonrefundable Fee
Orthodontists Charge Nonrefundable Fee

Analyze the legality of these agreements, citing the applicable law(s) and the appropriate legal analysis under the applicable law(s) as developed by the courts. What are the possible sanctions if there are legal violations? (25 points) (A 1- to 2-page response is required.)

Orthodontists Charge Nonrefundable Fee Sample Answer

Business Law

The Waiver and arbitration agreement of Orthodontist is that patients are supposed to sign a contract before the beginning of any treatment. These contracts specify the rights the patients have to recover in case of any damages caused during the process of treatment. However, these contracts at times limit the way that a patient can file a reasonable personal injury lawsuit. Besides recovery for damages, the contracts also include the terms of payments. Most Orthodontist will charge a non-refundable fee once records have been done (POULTON, et al., 2005). They also require payment in full before commencing treatment. Other times, the treatment fee may fluctuate and this causes the payment of the patient to go high as well.

Cases of unfair billing practices have been reported. Where an Orthodontist deliberately overcharges a patient or claims money from the insurance company and the individual. That also beside the treatment malpractices can be included in them and it automatically entitles a victim to damages (POULTON, et al., 2005).

Dental fraud is an intentional act of deception and misinterpreting the facts about treatment so as to gain unauthorized advantages. The billing for services not provided for is unlawful and some dentists have become victims of copayments and waiving of coinsurance. This makes insurance companies incur expenses they would not have (POULTON, et al., 2005). The premium costs for the policyholders also shoot up. Most insurance companies and the government healthcare do not allow providers to waive patient’s deductibles.

The sanctions that the law gives in case of the violation of the normal methods of treatment are exclusion from the places of work and even in the health-care programs and enormous fines. Since these are not criminal violations, a jail term is not among the possible sanctions. That the plaintiff obtains a standing to sue since they are entitled to damages (POULTON, et al., 2005).

Orthodontists Charge Nonrefundable Fee References

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