Pearland, TX Essay Assignment Paper

Pearland, TX
                            Pearland, TX

Pearland, TX

  1. Budget Message/Budget Highlights/Executive Summary
  2. Budget Summary
  3. Source of Revenue
  4. Source of Expenditures
  5. Department/Agency Budget Information
  6. Supplemental Budgeting Information

Background and demographic profile (of area of service)

Document the type of City government

Identify the budget cycle.

Provide an organization chart – highlighting your specific area and highlighting key players in the overall budget process.

Provide an internal organization chart if you want to highlight the budget process organization. Of your specific area, highlighting key personnel.

Does the Budget document specifically indicate the type of budget? Line item, Program Budget, Performance or some other type.

Do a search on the internet of your city area and see if you find any anomalies / commentary good or bad. .

Indicate the sources of funds; look for Federal, State, County, or other public governmental agency sources.

More Information:

In respect to revenues of your municipality consider a forecasting technique and provide a forecasting project of revenues for your municipality. Please explain why you choose a particular approach.

Discuss the financial condition of your selected municipality. Use terms taken from Chapter 7.

When evaluating the budget look for issues of equity, who are the clients, level of service (this refers to meeting the needs of the city. You may not be able to tell this from cursory review. MAYBE FROM THE CITY WEBSITE MIGHT FIND A COMMENTS SECTION.

Remember the key term ‘the health and welfare of the general public’.

From the budget document, does it seem that the health and welfare of the general is central?

What are the potential budgetary problems your municipality may be facing?

What are some of the financial shortcomings in the revenue streams?

Think about forecasting.

Expand your work by searching external sources pertinent to your work. I expect to see at least 10 citations. Even if your citations are only for definitions and bringing clarity to a process.

Please make your narratives very clear.

Other notes:

Only present what you researched and know. Use key terms when feasible.

Points to remember:

  • Type of budget,
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Audit cycle
  • Any awards or budgetary citations
  • Revenue sources and uses – explain and give percent – use table and charts as needed

Why is Municipality important in regards to the overall schema within the region?

Discuss the current budget in the context of overall need and level of service.

Make sure to talk about sources of revenue

What are the implications if those sources are reduced?

Make sure to give definition or explain terms that are important for reader or listener.

What are the external implications regarding the budget position?

Make sure to cite the key players with the overall process and specifically within your chosen area.

Conclusion (write from the position of an auditor and comptroller) giving recommendations.

At least 10 properly cited references.

At least 15 pages including tables and references

Deliverable paper and presentation power point or other media.

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