Peer Response for Still Here by Bill T Jones

Peer Response for Still Here by Bill T Jones Complete the following discussion and one peer response
OR go to QUIZZES/OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENTS/FINAL PROJECT and complete the Optional Alternate Assignment for chapter 5.

Peer Response for Still Here by Bill T Jones
Peer Response for Still Here by Bill T Jones

The following work is considered Contemporary dance, specifically community dance, since the choreographer is collaborating with a community of people. Your chapter outlines Modern dance and its pioneers. This work is the descendant of the original modern dance.
Watch the Bill Moyers documentary video of the making of Still Here by Bill T. Jones:

Answer the following and then respond to one peer:
1. When this dance first was choreographed, one critic, who did NOT see the dance, accused Bill T. Jones of creating “victim” art and of exploiting and using the participants for his gain. After watching this documentary, what do you think? Do you think that the participants of this project were exploited or used for the benefit or gain of the choreographer? Please explain.
2. What about this resonates with you — what do you think this dance and process say about the power of dance? How do you think the pioneers of Modern dance would have responded to this work? How do you see this fitting with the ideology of Modern dance as described in your textbook?

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