Personal development of ethical leadership

Personal development of ethical leadership
Personal development of ethical leadership

Personal development of ethical leadership

Students will be required to submit a final ethics reflective journal of 6-8 pages (12 Font, double spaced), that addresses the following question below. Similar to good discussions, excellent written work on a final paper should incorporate at least five direct text references or researched arguments, offer a number of strong examples and analysis, and support such work with a number of comprehensive and thorough insights from personal experience or one’s own work. Excellent written work should also include no mechanical mistakes and be properly cited using NEU standards.

In this assignment, students will work on understanding, analyzing and implementing choices, related to their own ethics-related situations. Students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical foundation of ethical thought as they reflect on their own personal challenges. Students will develop their own personal plan in the form of the five sections required for development as an ethical leader.

Final Reflection Journal Guiding Question: What is your philosophy of proper leadership ethics in your industry or career path? Develop at least five different points or arguments that support your thinking. Use your experience, your organizational research, textbook analysis and our course as a resource. Students have freedom to develop and write this philosophical piece as a vision of their own practice for the future. It must, though, address the question above with adequate support and demonstrate wisdom gained from the course.

Rubric Guidelines:

Understand (Rigor): Use of conceptual frameworks for self-awareness and reflection in the area of ethical leadership
Analyze (Depth & critical thinking): Critical evaluation own choices and actions, revealing strengths and weaknesses/areas for development
Implement (Relevance and growth-based): Focus on personal growth as ethical leader. Relevance of the action plan/personal polices for strengthening own ethical leadership capabilities.
Presentation: Clarity of writing. Reliance on NEU rubrics in English writing

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