Personal Narrative- Report to Greco Paper

Personal Narrative- Report to Greco
Personal Narrative- Report to Greco

Personal Narrative- Report to Greco

Personal Narrative- Report to Greco

For this assignment, you are asked to write a personal narrative essay. One of the aims of this assignment is to facilitate the learning of using summary of someone else’s story as an entry point to your own essay. Consider beginning your essay with a summary of an incident in Report to Greco that helps you make new associations about your own personal experience.

Personal Narrative
Written in the first person singular a personal narrative is a story that focuses on a particular event that relates to a larger topic and becomes meaningful for a larger audience. The reader may receive an idea or a lesson from the essay. The story is told using sensory details and emotional language. The main body of the essay involves an analysis of this event in terms of its significance in the life of the storyteller, and by extension, the reader. Is it a story about growth, loss, love, regret? Anything goes here.
After considering Kazantzakis’s themes in Report to Greco choose a topic from your personal experience and think of it in relation to instances in Kazantzakis’s life as presented in his autobiography. How does your personal experience compare to Kazantzakis’s experience of childhood and education? Can you bring the two in dialogue with one another? To which extend your experiences are different but most important, similar to Kazantzakis’s? Even if he lived in a different place and time what are those elements that bring the two lives, yours and his, together? Even though surprising, this would be a meaningful connection to make both for you and for your audience.
For example in the chapter “The Son” the author describes moments in his childhood that in retrospect and in the large scheme of his life acquire symbolic significance. “The globe” symbolizes for Kazantzakis’s future travels; the bird symbolizes his roaming in the world; the harbor and sea symbolize fear and dirt; the stars, symbols of fire and destruction, lead to renewal and rebirth (45). In “My hardboiled egg,” an essay posted in Stream, the egg becomes a symbol of the writer’s childhood experience of an Asian striving to find her place in the American society. Can you think of moments in your life that when you analyze them speak to a certain aspect of your identity?

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