Personal Statement on Relevant Social Work

Personal Statement on Relevant Social Work Practice Please draft one narrative based on ALL of the following statements:

Personal Statement on Relevant Social Work
Personal Statement on Relevant Social Work

– Thoroughly discuss a current social issue that is relevant to social work practice and fostered or confirmed your interest in the social work profession. You also may mention additional reasons for deciding to pursue graduate social work study at this time.
– Discuss your career interests and/or objectives and how you plan to take advantage of the resources at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service to support you in your goals.
– Please also include the reason(s) you are applying for distance education in your personal statement. *
The personal statement is highly-weighted in the evaluation process. The Admissions Committee uses it to ascertain the potential of the applicant to write at the graduate level and the reasons for pursuing master-level education in social work.
Applicants must submit a statement that uses Times New Roman font size twelve (12) and is double-spaced
. In social work education, the American Psychological Association’s
Publication Manual (APA Style) is used for formatting and style. Applicants are required to
use this guide for all formatting and style, such as in-text citations and reference
lists. The personal statement must be a minimum of three (3) pages but not exceed five
(5). Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend to composition, including spelling,
punctuation and the use of thesis statements and introductory and concluding sentences
and paragraphs.

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