Persuasive Tweets or Microblogs Critique and Create

Persuasive Tweets or Microblogs Critique and Create Think of the web as a city (analogy from David Meerman Scott’s “The New Rules of Marketing & PR”) and in the social media platforms where you get to practice social networking you want to create the chance of obtaining a customer as a by-product of good conversation and with a focus on sharing and not (overly) selling.

Persuasive Tweets or Microblogs Critique and Create
Persuasive Tweets or Microblogs Critique and Create

Use (and include a link or embed in to reply) the same blog or video (business interest) you found and analyzed from discussion #6 and create 4 separate limited character tweets (140-200 characters, 1-3 sentences) that summarize the content of the business message. If you quote directly from the message then use quotes. Try to apply one technique from each of the parts of the AIDA method identified below.

If you do not want to use a business blog message or video as a source for tweet creation then you can find a website that includes a product or service of interest and create tweets based on business offerings. Also, you can use a different blog or video, you don’t have to use blog/message selected from earlier discussion.

Attention Getting Techniques – Select and Apply One

Story, problem with promise to solve, quote, rhetorical question, strong benefit of value, startling statistics, provide an intriguing benefit/claim

Interest Techniques – Select and Apply One

WIIFM (What’s In It For Me/Audience), Logical/Emotional Appeals, Key Selling Points, Introduce Features/Benefits and/or Elaborate on Benefits if Noted as an Attention Getter, Build audience interest by providing some support for the claim you made in first tweet

Desire Techniques – Select and Apply One

Support Claims, Testimonials, Reduce Resistance, Answer Potential Questions, Include Objective Evidence for Claims Made, Increase audience desire to watch/read message by adding one or two more benefits to audience

Action Techniques – Select and Apply One

Include a Compelling Call to Action, Make an Additional Offer, Include a Deadline, Motivate readers to take action and read article, view video

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