PHI features of ethics of care Assignment

PHI features of ethics of care
PHI features of ethics of care

PHI features of ethics of care

1. Explain the main features of ethics of care (maternal ethics) and power-focused (ethics of justice). Next, describe the three feminist positions on the relationship between these two, and a key argument supporting each. Finally, what is your view and why. (See readings on Feminist ethics listed in the Schedule)

2. Explain key features of Natural Law according to Aquinas and show how Martin Luther King Jr. in his Letter from the Birmingham Jail used them to justify breaking some laws while following others. (See readings on Natural Law in Schedule, consult lecture notes, MLK’s letter is pages 626-628 ethics in the Schedule)

3. Offering evidence from the text and lecture, discuss in what ways Marx’s features of capitalism (p 602) and his predictions (p 49) do or do not apply today. Explain and include his concept of alienated labor (p 47-48) in your answer.

4. Briefly define the welfare state and the minimal state, with the values each embrace, and what each would view as distributive injustice. Explain Rawls plans to update the social contract. Also include how he avoids the extremes of collectivism and individualism while integrating what he thinks are the best features of each. This requires treatment of his two principles of justice. (See readings on Rawls, distributive justice, spectrum of views listed in the Schedule)

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