Philosophical Analysis of an Artwork

Philosophical Analysis of an Artwork Philosophical analysis of an artwork​. This is a short paper where you extend the philosophical conversation we are having by bringing in works of art which have not been principally considered by the texts we are reading.

Philosophical Analysis of an Artwork
Philosophical Analysis of an Artwork

I would recommend that you stick with the media we consider over the course of the semester but if you see a connection with something beyond our media then please feel free to talk to me about it.

Philosophical Analysis of an Artwork

These are due to our final exam meeting. These should be 3 pages in length and will need to include a brief description (half-page, please) of the artwork you are analyzing. The remainder of the paper should be you discussing how acknowledging that artwork improves or criticizes something which we have been tracking throughout the semester. You might focus on how the artwork challenges or corroborates the thinking of ​one philosopher, but you might also pursue the artwork’s relation to one of the themes of the course as it appears in multiple philosophical accounts.-Final Exam.​ This will be a straightforward short-answer exam concerning the course material. More focus is needed at faculties of fine arts on the quality and quantity of the philosophy education as well as on its methodology within the scope of “art philosophy”. It is a requirement that different methods and techniques should be used in arts education and that the students have competency in questioning and interpreting artworks through different approaches. Do we need to use the language of philosophy in art philosophy lesson? Or does the use of the language of philosophy cause an uncertainty?

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