Philosophical problems Essay Assignment

Philosophical problems
Philosophical problems

Philosophical problems

Essay Questions
Write an essay on ONE of the following topics.
Your essay must be 4 to 6 pages long not including quotes from other authors.

Use a 12-point font, and double-space the lines except the space between paragraphs.
Be sure to include page references to our text, but you do not require a bibliography unless you use other sources. Use of other sources (including websites) is permitted but must be properly referred to.
Hints: (a) structure your essay into sections (b) explain all quotes (c) explain an idea by using an example of the idea – proves you really understand the idea (d) have a thesis or “pick sides” (e) but always try to explain the reasons behind…everything you say and what the authors say.

Topic Three. What is Personal Identity?
[i] State and explain Locke’s argument that we are not substances or mere souls
[ii] State and explain Locke’s concept of personal identity and its relation to what he calls self, consciousness and punishment.
[iii] State and explain Reid’s criticism of Locke’s theory of personal identity
[iv] Is Reid’s objection a good one? Discuss

Philosophical problems book
Laurence Bonjour and Ann Baker eds. Philosophical Problems; An Annotated Anthology Pearson, Longman 2008 SECOND EDITION. ISBN: 0-321-23659-9 paper
Personal Identity Read: Read: Locke and Reid pp. 215-228
19th Personal Identity Read: Williams, pp. 229-237

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